Lambeth Labour Play Politics With People’s Lives

Monday, January 14th, 2013 @ 3:12PM

This weekend I was speaking to residents in Brixton Hill ward, Streatham, with our by-election candidate Liz Maffei.

One of the main issues that was brought up when speaking to local people was the complete disregard of what is happening on the streets of Lambeth by the Labour councillors.

The council currently has plans to spend £30 million on a new Town Hall: this is happening at the same time that Labour are cutting youth services by £6m! The council are cutting services left, right and centre including on the park rangers, and resurfacing the roads, but have enough money to pay for their new Town Hall.

At the same time the Labour council in Lambeth are increasing their savings by £187m. This at a time when they can’t afford to keep youth services running. Lambeth Labour are playing politics with people’s lives. Keeping money they could spend on services while lambasting the national government for the cuts they are actually making. All so they can increase spending come election time.

People are suffering for Labour’s political games. If you live in Brixton Hill send a message to Labour that this must stop by voting for Liz Maffei.

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