Richard Davis is a passionate Liberal Democrat who has actively campaigned across London, gaining recognition for involving grassroots activists in all layers of government and developing new initiatives to spread our party message far beyond our membership.

Richard has a background as a scientist working as a biochemist before taking a role as a risk specialist and more recently setting up a software design company.

Richard says

under past consecutive governments we have seen the erosion of civil liberties, the growth of an inequality gap and an ever expanding bureaucratic centralised government that takes power away from people and the communities they live in. I joined the Lib Dems as they were the only party with a realistic, achievable strategy to right these wrongs.

Richard has worked with a number of local parties as both local party Chair and Regional Executive Member with the responsibility for Membership. He helped develop the strategies used by smaller less well funded parties in the General Election campaign to have high impact events that attracted mass media attention. He also developed innovative use of Social Media during these campaigns to help grow party membership and outreach.

There is a real buzz on the doorstep – going out and talking to people gives you a feel for what the real issues are outside of the political bubble many politicians live in.

The Lib Dems’ community values is one of the principles Richard himself most values in the party. Richard commented,

I will dedicate every spare moment to engaging all parts of our community, speaking to shopkeepers one-by-one, meeting mum’s and teachers and activating the youth vote online.